06.02.2019 bis 06.02.2019

BEMC Talk, 06.02.2019: Time-related biases and the use of propensity scores to address those

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Professor Lars W. Andersen


Das Berlin Epidemiologic Methods Colloquium (BEMC) bietet Epidemiolog*innen eine lokale Plattform, auf der wir uns vernetzen, neue Methoden erlernen und aktuelle Themen in diesem Bereich diskutieren können. BEMC bietet interaktive monatliche BEMC Talks und BEMC JClub in englischer Sprache.

Lars W. Andersen is a physician from Denmark currently in residency. He has been working with the Center for Resuscitation Science since January 2012 where he started as a research student. In 2013, he finished medical school in Aarhus, Denmark and started a 3-year Ph.D. project as a collaboration between Aarhus University and the Center for Resuscitation Science. He graduated from the Ph.D. program in October 2016 and has since worked with the group as an external collaborator. Lars received his M.P.H. from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in March 2016 and is a member of the Advanced Life Support Task Force at ILCOR since July 2016. Lars has been involved in the design and execution of multiple phase II clinical trials and has a special interest in large epidemiological studies and the statistical methods involved. He has primarily published within the fields of cardiac surgery, sepsis, and cardiac arrest. Lars is a reviewer for multiple international journals including, among others, JAMA, CHEST and Intensive Care Medicine and is an editorial board member at Resuscitation.

He will talk about time-related biases and the use of propensity scores to address those.



Professor Lars Andersen, Copenhagen


Berlin Epidemiologic Methods Colloquium




Seminar room of the Neurology Clinic; Bonhoefferweg 3 entrance, 3rd floor, CharitéCampus Mitte


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