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08.08.2016 bis 12.08.2016

Summerschool Multilevel Analysis: 08.08.2016 - 12.08.2016

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Veranstaltung ausschließlich für Fachpublikum

A Course in Multilevel Modelling in Public Health and Health Services Research

In this course we will clarify what MLA is about and why it is important to take both shared contexts and individual characteristics into account when doing public health and health services research. It is important for researchers in these fields to have at least a basic understanding of this technique so as to be able to judge research that uses it, and of course to be able to apply it themselves.

Public Health and health services research increasingly uses a statistical technique called multilevel modelling or multilevel analysis (MLA). Pioneering development of MLA methodology has been in education, where researchers have been interested in studies examining how student outcomes (such as examination scores) are related to both the characteristics of the students themselves and those of the schools.

Multilevel analysis, macro - micro relationships in health services research, MLwiN

Knowledge of basic statistical analysis, multiple linear regression, logistic regression, analysis of variance.

Target group:
Public Health Professionals, Epidemiologists and researchers who wish to improve their applied methodological skills

360 € for students | 450 € for others



Prof. Alastair H. Leyland and Prof. Peter Groenewegen


Institut für Public Health


08.08.2016 to 12.08.2016, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm


Charité Campus Virchow, Forum 3, Room 1


Maleen Kaiser (

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