Academic Programs at the Institute of Public Health

The Institute of Public Health (IPH) organizes different teaching modules in Public Health and Epidemiology like intensive short courses and colloquia with particular emphasis on methodology. In addition, researchers at the IPH supervise master's and doctoral theses. 

Master Programs in Public Health and Epidemiology are offered at the Berlin School of Public Health (BSPH).

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Teaching at the Institute of Public Health

Excellent education and training of specialists and executives for scientific and administrative activities in the field of public health is a major objective of the Institute of Public Health.

It aims at optimally preparing specialists and executives for the labor market. For this purpose, students will be taught the necessary knowledge and methods in public health and epidemiology, which correspond to the latest scientific standards. Through the cooperation of different institutions and actors from different disciplines an interdisciplinary orientation of the training is achieved.

Scientists at the IPH teach at the Berlin School of Public Health (BSPH) in the consecutive Master of Science in Public Health and bring a broad spectrum of scientific expertise in different disciplines into their teaching. In addition to the consecutive master's degree, BSPH is also offering postgraduate master's degrees Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Epidemiology and Master of Science in Applied Epidemiology.

The Institute for Public Health organizes intensive short courses, colloquia and guest lectures to promote the transfer of knowledge and the qualification of young researchers. The events will take place in close collaboration with other Charité institutions or the Berlin Institute of Health.

At the Institute researchers supervise Master's theses and doctorates and held doctoral colloquia to support and promote young scientists.