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"Connecting Researchers for Methods Exchange Training Initiative"

CONNECT brings together medical students and clinicians who are interested in clinical and population research with Public Health and Epidemiology Master's students from the Berlin School of Public Health to benefit from each other in an environment supported by the Institute of Public Health. 

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Excellent research publications are an important indicator for the scientific and academic success of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. In order to improve the reproducibility of the results and thus the quality of research, expertise in both content and methodology is required. This is where CONNECT comes in:

  • CONNECT brings together clinicians and medical students with methodically trained master students in the disciplines of public health and epidemiology. These partnerships combine methodical and content-related competence and are thus in a position to design and accompany scientific projects methodologically flawlessly right from the start. The tandem partners learn from each other and finally publish together.
  • CONNECT supports these tandems from the beginning to the end of the scientific project with experienced mentors who advise and support them methodically.
  • CONNECT promotes the integration of modern methods of data analysis into research with two methodologists per project.
  • CONNECT strengthens the existing inter-institutional cooperation at the Charité and creates permanent cooperation networks from which future funding applications and joint inter-institutional projects benefit.
  • CONNECT advocates a stronger consideration of epidemiology and public health in biomedical research and supports translational biomedical scientific concepts.

CONNECT + Global

We are also piloting CONNECT+Global, which specifically caters to research projects with a global health focus. As an Institute, we recognize that it is not enough to only promote topics in global health or to implement various unilateral strategies to improve health in a given local setting. Instead, global health research aspects must be addressed jointly in international cooperations, and the research field must aim to establish long-term balanced, collaborative efforts with international partners as equal stakeholders.
Acknowledging the increasing importance of global aspects regarding disease control and prevention, global health topics need to be actively promoted in research, also in Germany. This includes training of future global health subject-matter experts in research methodology and promotion of global health research topics amongst future population health methodologists. Research, especially at the level of master's and doctoral thesis projects, is often bound by national borders and/or limited to high-income countries. Therefore, we propose a structure to make contact regarding joint research projects as easy and smooth as possible. We also propose to add an educational component to support trainees of global partners. Due to the nature of the work, global health research projects generally have more international collaboration partners (and trainees) involved, thus the roundtable CONNECT set-up is slightly different in this extension.

CONNECT Team at the Institute of Public Health

  • Jessica Rohmann (director)
  • Tobias Kurth
  • Marco Piccininni

Jessica Rohmann
Tel.: +49 30 450 570 819

Your Project

If you have a project that you would like to develop with CONNECT, please send us a short e-mail and we will send you a registration form.