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GUIDAGE-CKD - Guideline-compliant Care of Older Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases

Funded by Innovationsfonds - Health Services Research on Guidelines

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The aim of the project is to investigate the guideline-based GP care of patients with CKD (but not on kidney replacement therapy) at an advanced age. With the support of an expert advisory board, the researchers will first develop quality indicators for this purpose, which are intended to map and evaluate the quality of guideline-compliant care. The identified indicators are then thoroughly checked against various data sources. For this purpose, the project uses primary data from the BIS, an epidemiological aging cohort in which all lifestyle parameters are recorded with a special focus on CKD. These are linked with routine health insurance data from the same people in order to record external validity and representativity in routine data. Measured against the defined quality indicators, the researchers finally want to map the outpatient care of patients aged 70 and older with CKD in a further project module. For this purpose, comprehensive routine data of older people of the AOK Nordost are to be used to evaluate the general quality and trends of care in relation to CKD over the past 10 years. 

In addition, qualitative interviews with general practitioners will be conducted in order to identify possible obstacles to guideline-compliant care from the user's perspective. The project is funded for two years with a total of approx. 820,000 €.


The overriding goal is to use the developed quality indicators to achieve a better understanding of the insufficient or excessive care of older people with CKD. In this respect, the study results will offer an opportunity to improve the quality of care for the affected patients. You can find more information about this project here.

Consortium Partners

  • AOK Nordost - Die Gesundheitskasse
  • Universitätsmedizin Greifswald