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DISCHARGE Study: Quality of life for patients with chest pain

DISCHARGE is a European collaborative project involving scientists from 30 research institutes in 18 European countries.
The aim of DISCHARGE is to compare heart Echocardiography with heart catheter examination in patients with chest pain. The project is coordinated by Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. It has a term of five years and is funded by the European Union with six million euros.

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Project description:
Approximately 3.5 million cardiac cathetersations are performed annually in Europe. However, 50 to 60 percent of these minimally invasive interventions do not result in any further treatment. Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey from the Department of Radiology at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, together with his partners,  examines for which patients with suspected coronary artery disease based on stable chest pain, cardiac computed tomography (CT) or cardiac catheterisation is best suited.

In a pragmatic randomized controlled trial, the efficacy of non-invasive CT is compared with the minimally invasive cardiac catheterisation on a sample of 3,500 patients with chest pain. The primary endpoint of the study is the occurrence of a cardiac event (Major Adverse Cardiavascular Events) over a maximum period of 4 years. Secondary endpoints are cost-effectiveness, radiation exposure and quality of life.

Workpackage at the Institute of Public Health:
A team of the Institute of Public Health assesses and evaluates the quality of life of the patients involved.

Funding: European Union

Term: 2014–2019


  • Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey: Principal Investigator
  • Principal Investigator for workpackage "Quality of Life": PD Dr. Nina Rieckmann (since 06/2018), Prof. Jacqueline Müller-Nordhorn (ending 05/2018)
  • Konrad Neumann, Research Associate

Website DISCHARGE-Projektes

Selected Publications

Napp, A.E., Haase, R., Laule, M., Schuetz, G.M., Rief, M., Dreger, H., Feuchtner, G., Friedrich, G., Špaček, M., Suchánek, V., Fuglsang Kofoed, K., Engstroem, T., Schroeder, S., Drosch, T., Gutberlet, M., Woinke, M., Maurovich-Horvat, P., Merkely, B., Donnelly, P., Ball, P., Dodd, J.D., Quinn, M., Saba, L., Porcu, M., Francone, M., Mancone, M., Erglis, A., Zvaigzne, L., Jankauskas, A., Sakalyte, G., Harań, T., Ilnicka-Suckiel, M., Bettencourt, N., Gama-Ribeiro, V., Condrea, S., Benedek, I., Čemerlić Adjić, N., Adjić, O., Rodriguez-Palomares, J., Garcia Del Blanco, B., Roditi, G., Berry, C., Davis, G., Thwaite, E., Knuuti, J., Pietilä, M., Kępka, C., Kruk, M., Vidakovic, R., Neskovic, A.N., Díez, I., Lecumberri, I., Geleijns, J., Kubiak, C., Strenge-Hesse, A., Do, T.H., Frömel, F., Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea, I., Benguria-Arrate, G., Keiding, H., Katzer, C., Müller-Nordhorn, J., Rieckmann, N., Walther, M., Schlattmann, P., Dewey, M.; DISCHARGE Trial Group. (2017). Computed tomography versus invasive coronary angiography: design and methods of the pragmatic randomised multicentre DISCHARGE trial. European Radiology, Jul;27(7):2957-2968.