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Nahaufnahme mehrerer Probenröhrchen, die auf einem Tisch liegen. Im Hintergrund ist unscharf der Schriftzug "Charité" auf einem Formular erkennbar.

Epidemiology at the Institute of Public Health

The Institute of Public Health's primary focus is on non-transmissible, chronic diseases such as

  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • chronic renal insufficiency or
  • neurological diseases.

Depending on the questions, different study designs (including cohort studies) and analytical methods are applied

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Regular control of blood pressure in a cohort-study. Photo: Charité/Peitz

Diseases on the population level are the main points of interest in epidemiology. We try to understand how frequently certain diseases occur within a defined population and how they are distributed within this population, for example in relation to age and sex. Furthermore, it is of interest who is ill and who is not and if factors can be identified that are associated with the occurrence of a disease or even are causally involved in its development or progress.

Results from epidemiological research  form the scientific evidence for the planning of public health interventions.

Fields of research in Epidemiology at the Institute of Public Health