Research at the Institute of Public Health

Research at the Institute of Public Health focuses on

  • Epidemiology (renal, cardiovascular, neuro)
  • Health services research
  • Methods and Meta-Research with the Mentoring-Program CONNECT
  • Innovation funds projects

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Research priorities of the Institute

Research at the Institute of Public Health (IPH) translates scientific findings into evidence-based and sustainable concepts for improving public health. The main research areas of the Institute are:

Kidney, neuro and cardiovascular epidemiology with the working groups and projects:

  • BIS - Berlin Initiative Study (Epidemiology of Kidney Function in Old Age
  • Epidemiological & Health services research on cardiovascular disease and meta-research on post-marketing studies
  • Migraine and Parkinson's Disease: effects and consequences for Public Health

Health care services research with the projects:

  • CDCare

Methods and Meta Research with the working group CONVERGE - Causal methOds and NeuroVascular Epidemiology Research Group and the mentoring program CONNECT - Connecting Researchers for Methods Exchange Training Initiative.

In addition, the Institute is involved in three innovation funds projects:

  •  T-NAMSE: Evaluation Research
  •  SMARTGEM: Mobile Migraine App
  •  ANNOTEM: Telemedicine

Our research is carried out in accordance with the Charité Satzung der Charité zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis.

Key Research Areas of the Institute of Public Health in Berlin

Publications at the IPH

Projects at the IPH

Completed projects (selection)

Project name Category
A Study to Evaluate Different Decision-Making Approaches Used by Women Known to be at Increased Risk for Breast Cancer (DMP-1) Health Services Research
Epidemiologische Risiko-Scores als Instrumente des Wissenstransfers Science Studies
Krankheitsvorstellungen und Krankheitserfahrungen von Ovarialkarzinompatientinnen Health Services Research
Berufsprofil und Arbeitsfelder der Diätassistentinnen und Diätassistenten in Deutschland Health Services Research
Sozialpolitische Entwicklungen und die Einführung neuer medizinischer Praktiken Science Studies
Medizinische Versorgung von Menschen ohne legalen Aufenthaltsstatus in Berlin. Eine Befragung von Ärzt/innen in Berlin Health Services Research
Evaluation des Projektes "Unsere Kommune ist demenzfreundlich" Versorgungsforschung
Evaluation des Projektes "Menschen mit Demenz in der Kommune - Achtsamkeit und seelsorgerische Begleitung für Menschen mit Demenz" Health Services Research
Gesundheitsförderung durch Empowerment von Frauen im Setting Stadtteil – Evaluation des Projekts Stadtteilmütter in Berlin-Kreuzberg Health Services Research
Biobanks and the communication of risk knowledge: Interventions by researchers, practioners and artists Science Studies

Research database

For more details please use the Charité research database.