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08.03.2017 To 08.03.2017

Berlin Epidemiological Methods Colloquium (BEMC), March 2017

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Event for expert public only

The paradox of the BMI paradox

The paradox of the BMI paradox

"In this lecture, I will use the widely discussed obesity paradox as an example of how data from observational and experimental studies might not line up. I will focus on the methodological aspects of these so-called paradoxes. Often, residual confounding is blamed in observational studies, but from the obesity paradox, we learn that many other issues could be responsible. I will explore to what extent selection bias might be the true culprit behind these so-called paradoxes, but I will also dive into concepts of causal inference (e.g. exchangeability, positivity, and consistency). I will conclude the session by providing some practical tips for methodology-focused researchers on how to handle a paradox when you see one."-- Bob Siegerink, Epidemiology research group leader at the Center for Stroke Research (Charité), @BobSiegerink

If you plan to attend, register here (space limited):

Organizational and administrative matters


Dr. Bob Siegerink

Event organizer

Berlin Epidemiological Methods Colloquium,
Jessica Rohmann, Bob Siegerink, and Tobias Kurth (Institute of Public Health)


16:00 - 18:00


Seminar Room of the Neurology Clinic, first floor (Alte Nervenklinik)
Bonhoefferweg 3, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin- Campus Mitte, 10117 Berlin



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