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06.11.2019 To 06.11.2019

BEMC Talk, 06.11.2019: The causes of the causes in context: confronting the burden of proof in lifecourse and social epidemiology

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Event for expert public only

Lecturer: Michelle Kelly-Irving, Toulouse, France


Berlin is home to many epidemiologists, but there aren’t many local platforms for us to connect, learn new methods, and discuss current issues in the field. The Berlin Epidemiological Methods Colloquium (BEMC) seeks to fill this gap via interactive monthly BEMC Talks and BEMC JClub.

Michelle Kelly-Irving is an INSERM researcher in the field of life course epidemiology, and has been working in France since 2007. The focus of her research is on the mechanisms and processes involved in the production of health inequalities across the life course. Notably, she has developed a program of research on health outcomes and health trajectories that are driven by social and psychosocial mechanisms from early life onwards. She is interested in how social and psychosocial processes are measured and can be used in relation to biomarkers and measures of physiological systems using longitudinal data. She previously worked at the University of Bristol and obtained her PhD in epidemiology from the University of London (Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Institute of education). She studied anthropology at the University of Durham as an undergraduate.

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Michelle Kelly-Irving, Toulouse, France

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Berlin Epidemiologic Methods Colloquium




BEMC Talks have moved!
NEW location: Hertwig–Hörsaal (Oscar Hertwig-Haus, Anatomie), CCM 10117 Berlin
Look for our signs! If you are standing at the front of the Anatomy building in the park, the entrance is off to your left. It’s the same entrance as the CCM Medical Library, 1st floor.


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