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06.03.2019 To 06.03.2019

BEMC Talk, 06.03.2019: Regression shrinkage: better answers to causal questions

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Event for expert public only

Maarten van Smeden, Leiden


Berlin is home to many epidemiologists, but there aren’t many local platforms for us to connect, learn new methods, and discuss current issues in the field. The Berlin Epidemiological Methods Colloquium (BEMC) seeks to fill this gap via interactive monthly BEMC Talks and BEMC JClub.

Maarten van Smelden from Leiden

About the lecture:

In this lecture, I will discuss regression shrinkage in the context of causal epidemiologic research. Although regression shrinkage methods have predominantly been used in prediction research (i.e. not to answer causal questions) to avoid statistical overfitting, I will posit the view that some of these methods can also improve estimates of exposure-outcome relationships. In particular, I will illustrate how a simple-to-apply approach known as Firth’s correction removes an often overlooked estimation bias in conventional regression analyses such as logistic regression.

Organizational and administrative matters


Maarten van Smeden, Leiden, NL

Event organizer

Berlin Epidemiologic Methods Colloquium




Seminar room of the Neurology Clinic; Bonhoefferweg 3 entrance, 3rd floor, Charité – Campus Mitte


Please register: BEMC Website


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