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The Centre Virchow-Villermé fosters dialogue

The Centre Virchow-Villermé takes up current and relevant topics in public health and places them in a Franco-German context.

The CVV organises workshops and conferences and participates in the World Health Summit.


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Workshops and Conferences

Speakers and CVV-Team, conference 2017, Embassy of France in Berlin Foto:RKI

The Centre Virchow-Villermé regularly organises workshops and conferences, where a current public health topic is examined from a German and a French perspective. Participants include scientists and researchers, students and representatives of non-governmental organisations, ministries and authorities from Germany, France and the EU. These events are supported by the French and German embassies.

In addition, the CVV also participates in international conferences such as the World Health Summit or the UN-Conference on Climate Change.

Overview of all CVV-Conferences 2014 - 2019

  • 2019, June 28th: “Chances and Implications of Digitalization in Health Care in France and Germany” (Berlin)
  • 2018, June 29th: “Urban Health – concepts, consequences and challenges for health in large cities” (Berlin)
  • 2017, March 24th: “Putting Outbreaks into perspective – Public Health impact of outbreaks of communicable diseases for France and Germany” (Berlin)
  • 2016, June 10th: “Climate Migration and Health” (Berlin)
  • 2015, July 3rd, “Comparison of Research and Education in Global Health in France and Germany” (Berlin)
  • 2015, May 12th, “Comparison of the French and the German Global Health strategies in the area of communicable and non-communicable diseases” (Paris)
  • 2014, Oct. 20th, “Comparison of the French and the German Agendas of Global Health” (WHS, Berlin)
  • 2014, Oct. 19th, “Comparison of the French and the German position in the Post-2015 development debate” (WHS, Berlin)
  • Contact: Susanne Stöckemann

The Centre Virchow-Villermé and the World Health Summit

Prof. Elke Schäffner und Prof. Ilona Kickbusch chair the CVV-Workshop, WHS 2014 Foto: WHS

The Centre Virchow-Villermé works closely with the World Health Summit (WHS), which has been held in Berlin every autumn since 2009. Team members of the Centre Virchow-Villermé contribute to the WHS by organising workshops and actively participating in various WHS events.

The WHS brings together stakeholders from academia, the private sector, the research community and civil society to jointly address global health challenges.

CVV-Workshops at the World Health Summit

  • WHS 2017: “Climate change and health – After the US COP21 withdrawal”, 15.10.2017
  • WHS regional meeting 2017: “Migrants’ Health: health and health care delivery for specific groups”, 08.05.2017
  • WHS 2016: “Fostering Open Science in Global Health”, 10.10.2016
  • WHS 2015: “Climate change and health”, 13.10.2015
  • WHS 2014: “Comparison of the French and German Position in the Health Sector regarding the POST-2015 Development Debate”
  • WHS 2014: “National Agendas of Global Health”