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Intensive Short Courses and Colloquia

The Institute of Public Health offers

  • Intensive Short Courses,
  • Colloquia and
  • Doctoral students seminars

for scientific education and training for students and external participants. The intensive short courses are organized by the Berlin School of Public Health.

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Target Groups

The Colloquium on Health Services Research and the Doctoral Students Seminar are primarily aimed at doctoral students and young scientists.

The Intensive Short Courses and the Berlin Epidemiologic Methods Colloquium (BEMC) are suitable for all those who wish to further develop their (methodological) knowledge.

A description of the intensive short courses, the colloquium, the students seminar and the BEMC can be found on this page, an overview of all events of the institute can be found in the calendar of events.

Intensive Short Courses

Intensive Short Course Julie Buring/Pamela Rist, Harvard Photo: Rohmann

In the intensive short courses students and external guests acquire in-depth knowledge with a methodological focus on a specialized topic in public health and epidemiology. Courses are held in cooperation with lecturers from renowned universities and research institutes from Germany and abroad.

Intensive short courses are held in English and award ECTS credit points.They are administered by the Berlin School of Public Health.

Please find all information on upcoming and past courses on the Berlin School of Public Health Website.

Berlin Epidemiological Methods Colloquium (BEMC)

Berlin Epidemiological Colloquium Foto: Rohmann

The Berlin Epidemiological Methods Colloquium is a joint initiative with the Center for Stroke Research created to exchange knowledge on advanced topics in epidemiological methods. Regular talks take place on the first wednesday of every month and are held in English. 

BEMC also hosts a Journal Club on the third Wednesday of every month.

Please check the calendar of events or the BEMC website for information about upcoming meetings.

Doctoral Student Seminar

Doctoral Student Seminar Photo: Bob Siegerink

The Doctoral Student Seminar (DSS) is for current doctoral students. Individual students present their projects (including at every step of the process including set up, progress, etc.) and receive feedback from peers and faculty. DSS is open to all doctoral students working in areas of population health sciences, epidemiology, public health or related fields.

DSS is held in English, awards ECTS credits and fits within other ongoing series, such as the Berlin Epidemiological Methods Colloquium

Dates: First Friday of the month from 10:00 to noon at the Institute of Public Health

Contact: Annette Aigner

NAVICARE Colloquium Health Services Research

The event is offered as an accompanying, interdisciplinary colloquium for Master* and doctoral students with the focus on "health services research" in their respective final thesis. The aim is scientific exchange on the individual projects and mutual assistance in the course of the scientific research process. On the one hand, the students will present and discuss their questions and methods of research and qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis among themselves. On the other hand, based on the technical perspectives of the participants, there will also be an exchange of collected data and results. The interdisciplinary format of the event should not only enable a differentiated treatment of the respective topics, but also develop a deeper understanding of the spectrum of relevant questions and methods in interdisciplinary health services research.
Number of participants: limited to 10-12 participants
Performance requirements:   

  • Active, regular participation (at least 6 dates)
  • Presentation on the current state of our own research
  • Research and preparation of relevant methodological literature

Institute for Public Health at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin in cooperation with the Institute for Social Medicine and Epidemiology and the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane.
Place: online (Webex)
Time: every 1st Friday of the month, 9-10.00 AM

Admission requirements:

  • Current work on a doctoral thesis in the field of health care research
  • Submission of an exposé including problem description and questioning of the doctoral project
  • Registration only after consultation with a lecturer, e-mail to PD Dr. Nina Rieckmann or Prof. Dr. Christine Holmberg

ECTS for doctoral students: 2 ECTS CP for 6 dates with own presentation.

Students in one of the Master programs of the BSPH can participate in the colloquium under the conditions mentioned (exposé available, regular participation, registration with lecturer), but cannot acquire ECTS points.

Further Information