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Health Data Sciences

Health Data Sciences fuses the strengths of multiple research fields:

  • biostatistics
  • epidemiology
  • meta-research
  • public health
  • population health science
  • medical informatics


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Health Data Sciences

Health Data Sciences (HDS) is an emerging scientific discipline, fusing the strengths of multiple research fields including biostatistics, epidemiology, meta-research, public health, population health science and medical informatics. HDS employs a synergistic approach to provide comprehensive, evidence-based solutions to complex, real-world health problems using various data resources.

By employing innovative analytical tools, HDS methodology provides insight both into patterns within data as well as possible underlying causal structures. Its comprehensive modeling approaches combine critical and conceptual reasoning with the latest advances in modern methods to ensure accurate analysis and interpretation of data as well as effective communication of reliable conclusions for health promotions.